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Daniel Zelikow
May 18, 2021
In Traffic Safety
Hello, neighbors. On the speed issue, my view is that the problem is less the speed limit and more its enforcement. If I’m not mistaken, Rectortown, Maidstone, and Crenshaw roads are already posted as 25 mph within Rectortown village, but few cars/trucks keep to those limits. Has anyone ever spoken to VDOT about installing a few speed bumps? My guess is that if we had 6, with two positioned on each of those three streets, that would probably go very far to reduce speeds, and without much cost. I’m not certain of who the correct authorities are to decide such matters — VDOT? the County? — but if someone knows, I’m happy to volunteer to talk to the relevant governmental contact to find out about how speed bumps are proposed and decided upon.

Daniel Zelikow

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