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Christopher Speron
May 03, 2021
In Traffic Safety
Hello Neighbors! As a new member of the community, I wanted to see if folks thought it would be a good idea to refurbish the "Welcome To Rectortown" signs. The design of the signs are great, but they are so faded at this point that I think people just zoom past without giving it a second thought that they are entering a community. Helping to create a sense of place might also encourage folks to drive slower knowing they are arriving somewhere. It helps that the signs say "Please drive slowly" too. I believe there are 4 sighs -- 2 on Rectortown Road, one by Lost Corner, and another on Atoka. I would think if we could get folks behind this effort, we could raise the funds and find a vendor to repaint them. I wanted to be respectful of the community and of anyone who's already helped with this project in the past. Matt suggested I get a conversation going here, so I wanted to solicit community feedback and thoughts. I am happy to help do research on this effort if there is support and enthusiasm for it. What do you all think? --Chris

Christopher Speron

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